My Story

Hi! I’m Julia!

A Little Bit About Me:

I am a positive, creative & sentimental person. I love every colour of the rainbow, I am obsessed with sweets – Chocolate, please! I enjoy travelling, spending time in the great outdoors and I love to have fun with my family, friends & my husband, Kurtis! Though all of these things contribute to who I am, my description wouldn’t be complete without telling you about one of my biggest passions in life, which is my love for photographing people in love. (I also LOVE the word ‘LOVE’ – if you haven’t noticed!) 

How I got Started in Photography:

When I was a teenager, it was apparent to me, and everyone around me, that I loved to take photos. Whether it was at a birthday party, or just a regular day at school, I always had a camera, eager to capture any moments I could in pictures. I decided to follow my passion and pursue photography, and turn my passion into my career! I attended Sheridan College’s Applied Photography program and during my time there, I discovered my desire to photograph weddings. I had always had a passion for love stories, photographing pretty things and photographing people, so weddings seemed to be a very natural fit for me. After school, I photographed my first wedding and fell in love INSTANTLY!

You know how they say in life we all have a calling –

Something that each of us as individuals are meant to do? Well, I knew from taking my first picture at the very first wedding I photographed, that mine was to be a wedding photographer.

Once I discovered my talent for making a couple feel comfortable in front of the camera, allowing me to capture natural, candid photos of them that made them say things like ‘WOW! I didn’t know we could look so good in a picture just laughing!’ and ‘He’s actually SMILING! He never smiles in photos!’ – I knew that I had found my calling.

Fast forward to years later, I am running my own business doing what I love! My biggest passion is weddings and working with couples that are 100% in love and are excited to inject their personalities into their big day. The joy I get from meeting a couple, learning about their love story, and then working with them to create natural, candid images that tell their unique story, that they can then keep and treasure for years to come is just indescribable.

I’ve been apart of more than 80+ couples weddings, and I look forward to being apart of many more!

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What’s Next?

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